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BarCamp session 5/08

  • John Abbe cointelligence institute
  • LionKimbro
  • Nathan Bell some exp. in local politics, IT
  • Todd Kinevsky owns companies, interactive marketing, legion of tech (organizes barcamp, ignite, etc.) political skeptic
  • Eric Nelson
  • MarkDilley - hardcore wiki geek, union organizer


"Wiki" can mean software project or a kind of culture

wikipedia:Consensus polling: some social structure "on top" of wiki -- tracks what interest groups are influencing congress

Approach your congresspeople with a small, diverse group.

The "51% mentality" -- set up a bad guy.

Lowering the barrier of participation to increase participation

Was the initial intent of the founding fathers to do something like this? What went wrong? Pressure to "get a product out the door"

Chicken and egg thing -- how do you shift culture without examples? How do you get examples without shifting culture?

Going from a "smaller elite group" to a "bigger elite group" -- is that enough? Well, it's something good.

Colin Powell's chief of staff -- writing his speech (Mark)

Gnome: no private conversations. Big uproar when someone made a private mailing list.

Aren't there areas where privacy is necessary? John says no!

If there are, then where's the dividing line? When is a private conversation acceptable?

Campaigns: a way for organizing a debate: one candidate says what they believe, the other candidate has to reflect it back. Get to see "who's a good listener?" (But don't we also need politicians who are capable of rising above the "noise" in some situations?)

We've lost conversations about issues.

delegation: nobody can keep track of everything; transparency in theory, but not in practice.

peer review works to build trust in academics; what about politics?

Given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow. -- Linus Torvalds

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